Tips For Learning to Snowboard

Here are 3 tips for learning to snowboard:

The Freestyle Triangle

The freestyle triangle is when you put your hands over each tip of your board. So your left hand stays out over your left tip and your right hand over your right tip. Why do we do this? Because by keeping our hands out over the tips of our board we are keeping our body balanced and it helps when we are trying to turn. When you want to make a turn you simply point your hands and turn your shoulders in the direction that you want to go. As your point that way and turn your upper body, your lower body will follow. As the board swing in the direction that you are moving be sure to try to keep your hands out over the tips again.

The freestyle triangle is one of my favorite tips for learning to snowboard because it is something that is easy to implement and really helps when learning to do turns. Just point where you want to turn with your downhill hand and then get your snowboard back under those hands.

Bend your Knees!

I know that this sounds simple but you wouldn’t believe how many people ignore this. You want to be really loose and keep your knees really bent. This second of the tips for learning to snowboard is really important because the looser you are and the more your knees are bent the better you can absorb the bumps on the runs. And if you fall, which everybody does, the impact will be way less if you are loose and have your knees bent because you are closer to the ground and aren’t so stiff and rigid.

Look Over your shoulder when turning

This goes hand in hand with my number 1 tip for learning to snowboard. As you point your downhill hand where you want to turn, look over your shoulder as well. This is something that you learn when doing flips and spins but also applies to simple turns when you are starting out. Looking where you are wanting to turn really helps your body to move in that direction.