Should Boys Play With Play Swords?

“No! My boys will not play with weapons.”

That’s right, I spoke those words long ago. Little did I know how wrong I was!

Probably when I was a new mom and had only 1 boy so far.

It was back in the days that we had no TV, no guns, and no idea what we were doing.

Fast forward to today.

Ladies, I have 5 boys. That’s a lot of testosterone!

Boys love to play very differently than you and me. I came to this realization reluctantly, but have finally crossed over to what they call “the other side”.

Why our boys Play with practice swords:

  • Because they are awesome! That’s right. There is an absolute coolness factor that speaks volumes to every single male person that we come in contact with. Swords are just cool.
  • They cannot kill themselves. (Well, I guess they could if they tried hard enough, but these practice swords are not meant to cause mortal wounds.) Just watch boys at play. Every boy needs a sword, even if it is a nerf sword!
  • Hand Eye Coordination. These swords are meant to be real training swords. They are heavy and are balanced like the swords they resemble. Pretty cool huh?
  • They are learning history. Each of our boys has chosen a different style practice sword. Each is a slightly different length and weight and each has its own history. They boys are delighted to learn about their swords place in history.

Our Safety Rules:

  • Do not kill each other.
  • Never pick up any weapon if your heart is not right. If you are frustrated or angry, you are done for the day. Period. No exceptions.
  • Practice is about discipline. Practice. Practice. Practice. (The Japanese practised with wooden swords to become expert swordsmen before they would wield a razor sharp blade!)
  • When you get hurt, take a deep breath. If you practice with a sword, your fingers will get hit.
  • Play in slow motion until you master the moves.

Moms, you cannot take the warrior out of your sons. Embrace that.

There is something primal and beautiful about a strong man with a sword or bow. Think Joshua (Biblical), William Wallace (Braveheart), Legolas (Lord of the Rings). I want my sons to be like them. Don’t you?

Are you ready to join me as a mom of sword-wielding, arrow shooting, and courageous sons?

Here is how you begin. Click here.